$32.00 USD

A plant derived ageing-resistant oil mixture with UV filters

  • SOFTENS HARD LEATHER: deep penetrating and lubricating oil mixture that doesn't oxidise and therefore softens and conserves leather for long term.
  • WIDE SPECTRUM UV FILTER: protects against the harmful effects of UV rays and visible light. The UV filter contains an antioxidant function that can reduce cracking.
  • NO RESIDUE & NO SHINE: does not leave leather feeling shiny and greasy unlike most oil containing products. Simply softens and provides a nice touch.
  • SOLVENT FREE: completely free of solvents, forever chemicals such as fluorocarbons or nano-particles.
  • NO SMELL: does not contain any added perfumes and is not scented.
  • SUITABLE FOR all types of coated leather on car seats, furniture, garments, shoes, boots, belts etc. NOTE – porous leathers will darken with application. Test before use.
  • EASY APPLICATION: apply at least 2 times when the leather has become noticeably harder.

Modern leather or especially old leather can become hard and stiff with time. If left untreated, it can lead to cracking. Geist. Leather Softener is a plant derived, anti-ageing oil mixture that penetrates deeply even on heavily top coated leathers and softens the inner fibres of leather. A wide spectrum UV filter within the product prevents from further damage and antioxidants prevent cracking.

Leather is made up of a bundle of protein fibres called collagen. With time, they lose moisture and the lubricating oils within oxidise causing leather to harden. When leather is soft, these fibres slide whereas on hard leather the friction within these fibres increases. Geist. Leather Softener penetrates deeply and is absorbed by the fine bundles of protein fibres. As the lubrication penetrates, fibres begin to slide over each other again making it soft. Depending on the severity of the hardness, 1 to 2 treatments may be required.

Instructions for use:

Test on a hidden area before starting.

Clean the leather surface with a Geist. Rapid Cleaner. Wait until the surface is dry.

Spray product evenly over the entire surface.

Hard leathers can benefit if the Leather Softener is massaged into the surface with a cloth or with the fingers.

Leave to sink in overnight.

Repeat if necessary. Hardening is a gradual process, and so is softening. Several treatments are often necessary.