Explore our extensive archive of Chrysler leather samples, where we can mix any special colour to meet your needs.

All our leather dyes are custom-mixed to match the exact sample from our collection, ensuring a perfect match for your vehicle.

How to Identify Your Leather Colour

Option 1: Let Us Help You! Email us your car registration number, VIN/Chassis number, and contact details. Our team will respond within 24 hours with the colour information.

Option 2: Check with Your Local Dealership Visit your local dealership with your vehicle identification number (VIN) and request the colour name (not the numerical code) from your car's build sheet.

Our Leather Colour Products

We offer a variety of products tailored to your vehicle's leather colour:

  • DIY paint in 200 ml and 1 Litre sizes
  • A 20ml filler
  • A comprehensive kit that includes cleaner and conditioner

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