$24.00 USD

LEISOL Quiet Cream prevents creaking noises and reduces wear caused by friction. LEISOL is a liquid lubricating varnish in a pump spray bottle. It can be applied to exposed surfaces and, because of its liquid nature, it is also easy to use in inaccessible areas.
Noise in vehicles has decreased significantly by more modern engines and noise insulation systems. In contrast, the percentage of moving parts in the vehicle has increased considerably. The seats can be adjusted in many variations, cup holders, toggle switches, and much more can lead to disturbing creaking, squeaking or rattling noises.
During the development of the LIP ANTI-FRICTION COATINGS, two universal products have been developed which are the first choice in noise reduction for workshops, customer services and consumers. Both products are easy to use, create a transparent, durable, elastic, protective film which doesn't bind soil particles. Another benefit is the reduction in wear and tear. Friction sounds are always a sign of wear and tear!
Application: Care & Protect
Application Area: Car, Furniture
Leather Type: Artificial leather, Pigmented leather