Aniline leather is a full grain leather that is dyed all the way through with a transparent dye. It is porous and absorbent without a surface coating. As a consequence, liquids spilt penetrate the surface and can leave stains and marks that can be very difficult to remove. 

Aniline leather has a natural, warm and soft grip but is also extremely sensitive. Aniline leather develops a lovely patina and character with time. Stains become visible and the leather might also fade with time. 

As Aniline leather does not have any protective layer, it is particularly stain-sensitive, especially when it is light coloured. It is common to see older unprotected aniline leather that has water marks or other stains caused by spilling tea, coffee or even wine. 

Due to the limited cleaning options, new and old aniline leather need to be protected against spills and general staining. Stains that have penetrated the surface can rarely be fully removed. Use Geist. Aniline Leather Cleaner to carefully clean and remove surface level dust and body sweat. Following this, apply Geist. Aniline Cream evenly. Geist. Aniline Cream protects prevents the leather from drying out, fading and make aniline leather water and stain resistant. Exposed surfaces should be treated at least every three months.

Apply the Aniline Cream onto a soft cloth and spread evenly over the clean aniline leather. Spread evenly with a circular motion and let dry. Do not rub hard but allow the Aniline Cream to dry evenly on the surface. Repeat after drying if stronger protection is required. After drying, polish gently with a soft cloth. If needed, carefully clean the surface before treatment with Geist. Aniline Cleaner.

Apply two to three times yearly depending on usage and position of the furniture. Test in a hidden area first. Ensure area is not too wet to avoid stains and rub gently. Always work from seam to seam. Contact us with pictures so we can advise in case of difficult stains.

Geist. Aniline Cream contains natural waxes and a flexible hybrid-polymer oil that collectively protect and refresh the surface without closing the pores of high-quality leather. The soft touch, water-vapour permeability and elasticity of the protected aniline surface remains unchanged after treatment, as no ‘hard’ particles are applied.

Important: Only a regular treatment from the beginning ensures high protection against stains. Stains caused by liquids that have already penetrated can’t be removed easily. If in doubt, contact us for help to avoid major damage due to improper cleaning attempts. Prevention is the best protection. The best protection for aniline leather is to handle it with utmost care.

Single coloured, older, slightly faded and light scratches on aniline leather can be refreshed and recoloured using our DIY Aniline leather dye called Geist. Easy Colour Restorer.

Geist. Easy Colour Restorer offers an effective way to restore the original colour by applying the dye using a sponge. We offer a custom colour matching service to ensure you get a close enough colour match for your sofa, couch or other valuable Aniline leather items.