About Us
We are a family-owned business who have been advising and training customers, as well as repairing and restoring our customers' valuable leather items since 2012. In the last 10 years, we have trained over 500 professional trade customers in leather repair around the UK, Europe and USA. We have helped, supplied products to and advised over 10,000 customers with leather care, repair and restoration enquiries ranging from restoring classic car interiors, removing stains from furniture to restoring handbags, garments and other leather items. Prior to launching our own brand we were resellers of branded leather care, repair and restoration products.
Convinced that future success lies in environmental and performance innovations, we launched our own brand of products called Geist.
Geist. is a German word and the literal translation of the word is ‘Ghost’ but it also means ’Spirit’. For instance, Volksgeist means Spirit of the nation or Zeitgeist which means the Spirit of a particular time but it also means the spirit of an individual or group. In our case, we are Geist. - Spirit of Leathercare. We are located in Walton on Thames - a market town on the south bank of the Thames in the Elmbridge borough of Surrey, England.
What makes us unique?
Our product range focuses on innovations that are efficient and very safe for the surfaces treated, the clients health, and the environment. Our products have been carefully and thoughtfully developed by chemists in Germany with over 40 years of experience and registered patents in the leather and automotive industry. Our products are today being used by leading suppliers to Tesla, BMW, JLR, Mercedes, VW Group and multiple major furniture manufacturers on the continent.
We are introducing these and many more innovations to the market
Plant and algae derived ingredients are the core of Geist. Compared to existing brands in the market our products are just as effective, often more so, in cleaning, damage prevention and repair. Our products have been created and manufactured with the intention to, above all:
  • Reduce risk to the client’s brand.
  • Reduce risk to the consumer’s health.
  • Reduce risk of damage to the surfaces.
  • Reduce risk to the environment.
For example, a new ‘risk-free’ ink remover for leather and vinyl. Completely solvent free. It also removes jeans discolouration and other coloured stains without damaging the surface finishes. A new low-temperature repair paste for repairing leather and ecological synthetics (like vegan Tesla seats). An algae and plant-based textile stain remover without bleach, solvents, enzymes or warning labels, that removes wine, blood, ink and multiple difficult stains with almost no risk of damaging the textile.
Products & Services offered
  • Leather & Vinyl / Synthetics: Cleaners, protectors pen & dye removers, squeak stoppers, friction protectors, softeners, safe non-volatile ‘green’ solvents, super-glue remover and more specialist products. A complete repair and restoration system for simple and effective repairs aimed to help the end user to carry out DIY repairs and also for professionals within the trade like detailers, valeters, professional leather repair technicians. 
  • Textiles: Cleaners, dye-remover, stain-remover water & stain-proofer with UV protection for convertible roofs and outdoor furniture stain-proofer for interiors, furniture squeak stoppers and more.
  • Services offered: Training for repair technicians. Refresher courses and hot-line for service technicians. Colour mixing service for end users and professionals with a same day or 24 hour turnaround. Repair and restoration service. 
Geist - Spirit of Leathercare
Designed in Germany, made in Poland... perfected in the UK!