Leather steering wheels are exposed to a lot of moisture, skin oils, cosmetic creams and sunlight. Body sweat is aggressive against leather and causes the colour/paint layer to soften and eventually rub off or cracks start appearing. 

To prevent such damage clean regularly with Geist. Rapid Leather & Vinyl Cleaner (plant & Algae based) and protect the surface with Geist. Dye & Friction Blocker

Old and dry steering wheels should be treated with Geist. Leather Preserver which will prevent it from further degradation.

Damages in the colour coating, scuffed steering wheels or just tired and old can be repaired by following the process below:

Step 1 - Ensure the steering wheel is thoroughly cleaned with Rapid Cleaner (Plant-based).

Step 2 - Degrease and prep using Geist. Surface Prep. This removes any uneven levels of top coat and degreases the surface too.

Step 3 - Smooth and level out rough areas with Geist. Leather Sanding Pad. Wipe the surface down with a dry cloth.

Step 4 - Apply Easy Colour Restorer as per instructions.

Step 5 - A day later, apply Dye & Friction Blocker to make the repair more durable.

For black steering wheels, the above products are available in an easy to use Steering Wheel Restoration Kit

Often the restoration work makes a drastic improvement in the look and feel of the surface. Steering wheels look 'like new'. It will look like well-preserved old leather. If this result is not sufficient, it will need to be treated professionally by a leather repair shop. Extremely brittle and broken leather should be re-trimmed.