$30.00 USD

  • ADDITIVE: transparent additive for professional users of Geist. Leather & Vinyl Paints and Top coats.
  • INCREASE RESISTANCE: greatly increases the water, sweat and rub resistance of Geist. refinishing products.
  • MAINTAINS ELASTICITY: maintains elasticity and provides an elegant surface grip and touch without causing yellowing or stiffness of the painted surfaces.
  • COMPATIBLE with other solvent free leather refinishing products.
  • SYRINGE included for accurate dispensing.
  • INSTRUCTIONS: please follow instructions provided in the description below for best results.


  • Can be added directly into the Top Coat or paint, ideally just before spraying.
  • Add approx. 5% Geist Crosslinker to the Top Coat. Use a small syringe and add drop by drop while stirring to avoid the Crosslinker sinking to the bottom of the mixing cup. Ensure the mixture of the Crosslinker & the Top Coat is stirred very well.
  • If very high water and sweat rub-resistance is needed, add up to 10% Geist Crosslinker into the paint in addition to the Top Coat.
  • The mix of Crosslinker & Top Coat or Crosslinker & Paint must be sprayed.

Drying time: once sprayed, the mixture of Geist Leather & Vinyl Paint or Top Coats with Geist Crosslinker are touch-dry in a few minutes when heat dried. Drying time for full performance strength in tests, (e.g., wet-rub, sweat-rub) is 48 hrs after application.

Pot life: Once added to the Top Coat, the resulting pot mixture can last up to 48 hours as long as you close the lid tightly and if its stored away from heat and sun. You will notice it becoming thicker after a period of time, when it must be disposed of.


Safety Data Sheets in each language:

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  • English (USA/CA)
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