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A 99.9% plant-based solvent mixture that rapidly dissolves fat and greasy soiling without damaging leather, vegan leather, vinyl, or other modern surfaces. This makes it ideal for preparing steering wheels or similar high-contact areas. An exceptional property of Geist. Degreaser is its ability to remove both fat- and water-soluble soiling including tobacco smell from surfaces.


  • Fast drying
  • Strong degreasing properties
  • Eliminates tobacco/tar smell from multiple surfaces
  • Safe for modern leather and ‘vegan leather’ surfaces
  • Safe for older leather and vinyl surfaces
  • Does not cause stickiness or topcoat swelling
  • Super safe: Non-flammable and not a dangerous good for transport or storage purposes
  • Non-toxic and not classified as a dangerous product.
  • Environmentally safe
  • 99.9% plant-based
  • Removes many various kinds of stains and label glue remains.

Instructions for use

Use in a well-ventilated area. Apply to a clean lint-free cloth and firmly rub down the area to be degreased or prepared for painting or repair.

Repeat until the surface is grease-free.

The degreaser dries rapidly and colouring or repairing can be started a few minutes after the surface has dried.

It leaves no residue.

Geist Degreaser has a natural characteristically sweet odour that rapidly dissipates if the area is ventilated, and if clothes are washed or disposed of after use.


Safety Data Sheets in each language: