£36.00 GBP

A fast-curing two-component compound to replicate grain structures for repairing leather and vinyl.

Supplied in an easy-to-use kit.

Geist. Grain Replicator Kits is made up of 4 parts:

  • Cartridge - Consists of 2 chambers with reactive components
  • Trigger - The trigger is used to push the components in the cartridge through the mixing tip.
  • Mixing Tip - Attached at the top of the cartridge, the mixing tip ensures the two components mix together when pushed out.
  • Plastic Film - The plastic film is placed over the compound to help spread it.

Note: One Grain Replicator Kit makes 2 good-sized grains that can be used multiple times. Suitable for use on leather and vinyl.

Not suitable for use on absorbent or porous leather.


  • First, Prepare the surface to be grained. Grain Replicator Kit is a fast-curing compound so prepping the surface prior is important. Remove all the components of the kit and place them in a clean accessible area.
  • The components are viscous but have a runny consistency.
    Choose a flat and horizontal surface with a similar grain structure to the area being repaired.
  • Remove the cap from the cartridge and screw the mixing tip. Cut the tapered end of the tip using scissors or a cutter.
    It makes it easier to push the components out as less force is required.
  • Push the compound directly on the leather or vinyl in a circular fashion to form a lump. Ensure there are no gaps or holes in the lump of compound. Use roughly half the amount of compound included in the cartridge.
  • Place the plastic film over the lump and spread to form a circular shape using your finger or a spatula. Ensure the compound is spread evenly and make the edges as thin as possible. Work quickly but carefully as the compound hardens quickly at warm temperatures. If necessary, use a heat gun to harden the compound. Maintain distance with the heat gun, and use a warm setting to avoid burning the plastic film.
  • After a few minutes, gently peel off the plastic film. If the film sticks to the compound, allow it more time to set. Once the film is peeled off, the grain can be lifted using a spatula.


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