£26.50 GBP

  • HEAT CURED: Geist Leather & Vinyl Paste is designed for professional technicians. Designed for repairing tears, scratches, holes and other damages that require a grain imprint on leather & vinyl
  • TINT THE PASTE – Professional technicians can use the transparent paste as it comes or tint the paste depending on the surface being worked on.
  • FLEXIBLE AFTER DRYING: strong adhesion and flexibility after drying is an important feature of this product making it suitable for flexible leather and vinyl surfaces.
  • DURABLE: offers a durable and long-lasting repair for high quality leather items. Used correctly, the repair will hold for a long time.
  • SPOT REPAIRS: Most suitable for carrying out spot repairs like a key scratch, cigarette burn, scuffs, rips and tears where the rest of the surface is intact and does not need a repair. Such damages usually need the grain imprint to create an almost invisible repair.
  • LOW TEMP ACTIVATOR: Use in conjunction with Geist Low temp activator which allows the filler to cure at lower temperatures. Ideal for use on vinyl as high heat can damage the surface.

Geist Leather & Vinyl Paste is a heat cured filler designed for use on leather & vinyl. Worn bolsters or cracks developed through general wear and tear do not necessarily require a grain imprint. In such cases, using Geist. Leather Filler PRO is ideal. However, imprinting the grain structure is important when fixing spot repairs. Spot repairs are isolated damages where the rest of the surface is intact and the damage is usually caused by an accident like a key scratch, cigarette burn, holes or scuffs etc. Geist Leather & Vinyl Paste is the go to product when fixing such damages as it is designed to work with grain replicator kit, thermopad and a chill bar. Using these tools, the damage can be fixed and the grain imprinted on the paste which makes for an almost invisible repair. Additionally, mixing Geist. Low Temp Activator with the paste allows for it to cure at lower temperatures making it ideal to work on vinyl surfaces which can get damaged when the grain is made too hot to cure the filler.