£11.99 GBP


  • Perfect cloths for application of leather feed, waxes, creams, oils & balms. Ensures a streak free finish without scratching the surface.
  • Uses modern viscose fibre technology which is very absorbent and picks up dirt and dust very quickly.
  • Highly absorbent. (13% as opposed to 8% for Cotton)
  • Dimensions per cloth: 37cm x 32 cm
  • Pure white in colour, this cloth is extremely strong and robust. Ideal tool for application of creams, waxes, oils, and feeds onto leather sofas, leather car seats, leather bags, and garments.
  • Made of soft material that will not scratch any leather surface.Thick, soft and strong.
  • Super absorbent and long-lasting.
  • Low lint qualities make it useful for general cleaning as well.