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How to clean & protect Vinyl/Faux Leather
Restoring old and antique leather chairs
How to clean and protect aniline & semi-aniline leather
How to repair, recolour and restore leather car seats
How to remove ink and pen marks from leather & vinyl
How to clean and restore leather chesterfield sofas
How to repair cat scratches on leather & vinyl
Blue jean dye transfer stain removal on leather & vinyl
How to clean, maintain & protect pull-up, waxed or oiled leather
How to clean and protect PU leather or bicast leather
How to remove stains caused by grease and body oils from leather
How to care & protect porous aniline buffalo leather
How to clean, protect and restore leather furniture
How to remove water marks from aniline leather, suede & nubuck
How to soften old and hard leather
How to fix shiny leather car seats & steering wheel
How to clean and protect Alcantara
How to clean, condition and protect leather car seats
How to clean and protect artificial leather aka vinyl, vegan, faux leather etc
How to remove mold from leather
How to clean, protect & restore Steering Wheels
Restoring car seats using professional products

How To's for leather care, repair and restoration

Under our How To's section you will find many articles with information about different types of leather, common damages and issues you may encounter when dealing with leather, and of course, how to fix them using our products.

We have put together an extensive list and will continue to expand it, but if you can't find what you are looking for, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.