$29.00 USD

  • ADDITIVE: transparent additive for professional users of Geist. Leather & Vinyl Paints and Top coats.
  • INCREASE RESISTANCE: greatly increases the water, sweat and rub resistance of Geist. refinishing products.
  • MAINTAINS ELASTICITY: maintains elasticity and provides an elegant surface grip and touch without causing yellowing or stiffness of the painted surfaces.
  • COMPATIBLE with other solvent free leather refinishing products.
  • SYRINGE included for accurate dispensing.
  • INSTRUCTIONS: please follow instructions provided in the description below for best results.

Composition: light-stable poly-isocyanate emulsion that reacts with water.
Storage: close tightly after use and keep in a dry area.


  • Can be added directly into the Top Coat or paint, ideally just before spraying.
  • Add approx. 2-3% Geist Crosslinker to the Top Coat. Use a small syringe and add drop by drop while stirring to avoid the Crosslinker sinking to the bottom of the mixing cup. Ensure the mixture of the Crosslinker & the Top Coat is stirred very well.
  • If very high water and sweat rub-resistance is needed, add up to 5% Geist Crosslinker into the paint in addition to the Top Coat.
  • The mix of Crosslinker & Top Coat or Crosslinker & Paint must be sprayed.

Drying time: once sprayed, the mixture of Geist Leather & Vinyl Paint or Top Coats with Geist Crosslinker are touch-dry in a few minutes when heat dried. Drying time for full performance strength in tests, (e.g., wet-rub, sweat-rub) is 48 hrs after application.

Shelf life: use within 4 hrs of mixing at normal temperatures. At higher temperatures the product life is reduced.

Only mix as much paint and/or top coat as will be used up within 4 hrs as the leftover mixture cannot be crosslinked a second time.


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