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Specialist product for dissolving leather topcoats and stripping paint from leather & vinyl.

  • QUALITY: designed in Germany
  • NEW GENERATION: a replacement for older products with high solvent. This product does the job but does not contain the problematic solvent content
  • SOFTEN FILLER: gently dissolves and softens leather filler repair compound.
  • STRIP OLD PAINT: dissolves stubborn leather topcoats if deep removal of old layers is required.
  • STAIN REMOVAL: removes many difficult ingrained stains by removing the discoloured finish layers. For example, stubborn dye transfer or colour transfer from clothing can be difficult to remove with standard cleaners. However, it will damage the top coat and therefore re-spraying the top coat will be essential. For safe and risk-free stain removal, try Geist. Ink & Dye Remover
  • SUITABLE FOR old, new and delicate leathers as it does not cause dryness or cracking

Geist. Dissolve is a specialist product that has multiple uses. As it dissolves leather topcoats, it can be used as an effective cleaner for removing dye transfer/colour transfer stains that have transferred on leather. Spraying the top coat with crosslinker is essential to protect the surface after application. It can also be used to dissolve and soften dried leather repair compound making it sand-able. Some leather repairs require older paint layers to be completely stripped to achieve a smooth and soft base.


  • To remove excess filler: apply product on the filler using a sanding pad or a cloth. Wait until the filler becomes sticky and then slowly sand off the excess filler.
  • To remove stubborn stains or to remove old paint: vacuum and brush off sand and dust. Clean the surface with Geist. Rapid Leather & Vinyl Cleaner and wipe it off with a soft cloth. Pour some Geist. Dissolve on a clean cloth, and gently wipe the surface and allow the product to work and swell the top coat. Keep the surface wet and do not rub when it leaves the surface tacky. Tackiness comes from the topcoat that is removed. It is perfectly normal and will dissipate after a few minutes. Repeat process if required. Spray Geist. Top Coat with Crosslinker to renew protection. 
  • For safe and risk free stain removal, try Geist. Ink & Dye Remover


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