£16.00 GBP


Choose the right tool for your repair. We have a selection of spatulas and tools to help you carry out leather and vinyl repairs to a professional standard:
  • Long spatula: This spatula, with its long and flexible tip, is ideal for spreading Geist. Easy Filler and Geist. Filler Pro evenly. The spatula can also be used for positioning the backing cloth when repairing rips and holes. Use the spatula to evenly spread the repair products. Wash after use, ensuring that any product traces are removed from the tip.
  • Dual Ball + Flathead spatula: use the flat side to smooth down the repair and the ballhead side to press it down.
  • Dual Flathead spatula: use each side to help smoothing and moulding repairs.
  • Dual Ballhead spatula: use this tool to help you press down repairs.
  • Dent Lifting tool: to lift dents in leather, vinyl or plastic. Heat the surface with a heat gun, prick with the Dent Lifter and pull the dent outwards. This tool will leave a small hole which will be much easier to repair than the original dent.