£25.00 GBP

A leather and vinyl filler aimed at professionals for repairing cracks, scratches, tears, holes & scuff damage.

  • FILLER FOR PRO's: Geist. Leather Filler Pro is designed for professional technicians. It is ideal to repair and fill deep scratches on steering wheels, holes and repair tears.
  • FLEXIBLE AFTER DRYING: strong adhesion and flexibility after drying is an important feature of this product making it suitable for flexible leather and vinyl surfaces.
  • FROST RESISTANT: while the recommendation is to store the filler in a cool dry place, it remains frost-resistant and does not dry out in the tube.
  • DURABLE: offers a durable and long-lasting repair for high-quality leather items. If used correctly, the repair will hold for a long time.
  • MULTI-USE: suitable for use on car seat bolsters, fixing minor scuffs on steering wheels, cracks and deep scratches on sofas, armchairs and leather furniture, and small scuffs on a variety of leather items.
  • AVAILABLE IN 2 COLOURS: professional technicians can use the white filler and tint the filler depending on the surface being worked on. The black filler is ideal to have as a ready-made product given it is a popular colour.
  • QUALITY: designed in Germany. This high-quality filler contains no 'PFOA' forever chemicals or Fluorocarbons – chemicals that are harmful to the environment or nanoparticles which are classified as a risk to human health.

Geist. Leather Filler PRO – for leather & vinyl is perfect for repairing scuffs, cracked leather, tears, rips and holes on leather car seats, furniture, sofas, handbags and leather jackets etc. Bolsters on car seats and other heavily used areas on leather furniture and sofas tend to get scuffed over time and look tired. Scratches and cracks due to general wear are a common problem and tend to let the appearance of a car interior or the furniture suit down. Unlike, Geist. Easy Filler, the Leather Filler PRO is designed with professional technicians in mind who can use the 'White' coloured filler and tint as required depending on the colour of the surface they are working on.


  • Step 1. For best results, prep the surface first. Wipe off hand grease and soiling thoroughly with the Geist Surface Prep, let it dry then test the surface adhesion on the damaged area with a simple tape test. If normal low-tack masking tape does not stick to the surface, clean again until it does, then lightly sand the damaged surface with a circular motion using Geist. Sanding Pad. Remove dust. This levels any uneven areas and helps obtain a smooth surface.
  • Step 2. Apply the Filler PRO by pressing the tube-tip down into the damaged area. Smooth the filler surface with a finger or a flat tool and leave to dry slowly without heat. Ensure you apply the filler only on the damaged area. If some product gets on the surrounding areas, wipe them clean using the tip of a moist cloth or use your finger to remove excess before it dries. The filler shrinks as it dries and may require a top up. Repeat process if required.
  • Step 3. If you need to level the filler, wet-sand the now-dry filler with Geist. Dissolve which is available in a pen with a felt tip for easy application. 
Colouring after repair:
  • Apply Geist. Leather & Vinyl Paint using a spray gun to the cleaned and repaired leather surface, following the instructions supplied. Follow up by spraying Geist. Top Coat with Crosslinker to provide durability.
  • Additional protection in heavily used areas such as on car entry areas or steering-wheels is recommended. Geist. Dye & Friction Blocker is an excellent additional shield against friction damage which makes the repair more durable and long lasting.


Safety Data Sheets in each language: