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  • COLOUR ADHESION: spraying a layer of Primer greatly reduces the amount of paint used and thus provides a softer touch and finish.
  • DURABILITY: applying a soft Leather Primer is a key step to achieving a good overall leather finish.
  • COMPATIBLE: compatible with other solvent-free leather refinishing products.
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Please follow the instructions provided in the description below for the best results.

Geist. Primer is an adhesion promoter designed to ensure the paint layer bonds to the surface providing a good long-lasting repair. Once sprayed, the primer which contains soft binders penetrates the pores of the leather and ensures optimum adhesion of the subsequent paint layer and thus also maintains the softness of the leather as considerably less paint is required to refinish the surface area. Prepping (cleaning and degreasing) the surface prior to application of Primer is key to ensuring a good all-round repair. The primer leaves the surface slightly tacky and applying a layer using a sponge on scratches, tears, holes, etc ensures good adhesion of the leather filler and other repair materials used. The Primer can also be used to thin down or make Geist Leather Paint more transparent which can be particularly useful when re-colouring Aniline or Semi-Aniline leather. When working on a larger surface area it is easier and quicker to often spray the Primer. It can be applied using a sponge or brush on a smaller surface area.

For excellent all round protection and durability of the repaired surface, Geist. Crosslinker will need to be added to the Top Coat mixture before application. See the Crosslinker's detail page for full information on mix ratios. Geist. Top Coats will have to be sprayed using a spray gun or an airbrush. It cannot be applied using a sponge.


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