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Geist. Easy Colour Restorer is perfect for refreshing the existing original colour, covering scuffs and minor scratches. Bolsters on car seats and other heavily used areas on leather furniture tend to get scuffed, over time and look tired. Friction and abrasion damage causes the top coat or clear coat to wear off and lead to colour loss.

  • Step 1. For best results, prep the surface first. Wipe off grease and soiling thoroughly with Geist. Surface Prep, let it dry then test the surface adhesion on the damaged area with a simple tape test. If normal low-tack masking-tape does not stick to the surface, clean again until it does, then lightly sand the damaged surface with a circular motion using Geist. Sanding Pad. Remove dust.
  • Step 
2. Shake the bottle and wipe over the leather or vinyl surface with the sponge, and dab over it to avoid wipe marks showing once dry. Speed up drying with a heat gun or hairdryer. For best results, apply multiple thin layers and dry each layer as you go before applying the next one.
  • For additional protection in heavily used areas such as bolsters or steering wheels, apply Geist. Dye & Friction Blocker a day later - an excellent shield from friction damage which makes the repair even more durable and long-lasting.
Deep scratches on steering wheels and cracks on car seats or furniture may need to be repaired with Geist. Easy Filler before colouring. Like a liquid leather grain, this highly flexible filler can be wet-sanded with Geist. Dissolve to remove excess and achieve a smooth surface.


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