Most furniture leathers have a coloured protective finish which means the leather and the surface is not absorbent. There are also other high-quality porous leathers (called aniline or semi-aniline), suede or nubuck. On aniline leather, a drop of water rubbed in an undamaged area, will darken the leather. It is porous and therefore standard water based cleaning products can leave a stain. They need to be treated with care - please refer to How to protect aniline and semi-aniline leather

The following instructions are for pigmented, top-coated leather (non-porous). 


In case of soiling and dirt, the leather should be treated with Geist. Rapid Leather & Vinyl Cleaner. Depending on use, we recommend conditioning and protecting the the leather once every 3-6 months with Geist Leather Conditioner. This product is ideal for pigmented leather. It maintains softness and flexibility, prevents shrinkage and slows fading.

Dye transfer from jeans and other dark clothing is a common problem on new, light-coloured leather. To avoid these stains, we recommend protecting contact areas (hand, head and leg areas) with Geist. Dye & Friction Blocker. It prevents dye migration and friction damage. Always best to clean the leather first.  


Soiling and other surface dirt should be cleaned with Geist. Rapid Leather & Vinyl Cleaner. Geist. Leather Cleaning Brush is an ideal tool to remove soiling from the leather grain.

Leathers that show light fading or wear and tear caused by friction and extensive use can be refreshed with Geist. Easy Colour Restorer, a one step leather and vinyl colouring dye which is available in 20 standard colours or mixed according to your sample. Leather Fresh also re-seals the damaged surface. Degrease and prep the damaged areas with Geist. Surface Prep before applying the colour.

To rejuvenate and maintain older leathers, we recommend applying Geist. Leather Conditioner. It is a penetrating conditioner designed to overcome surface tension of leather topcoat and wax. It prevents hardening of leather as the surface finish polymers lose flexibility due to age. It can reduce or even reverse shrinkage caused by moisture loss and raise the tear-strength of older leathers. 

Rough or cracked areas should be rubbed down with Geist. Leather Sanding Pad before toning. Deeper cracks and smaller rips can be filled with Geist. Easy Filler for leather & vinyl.  

If unsure or if you feel the damage on your leather sofa is heavier, we recommend emailing photos and detailed description. We will be happy to advise the correct course of action. If you require a professional to do the job for you, we can recommend someone close to you.