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STAIN REMOVAL: dissolves and disperses water stains without rubbing.
NEUTRALISES sweat and organic smells and increases leather's resistance to hardening and cracking.
SOLVENT FREE: completely free of solvents, forever chemicals such as fluorocarbons or nano-particles.
SUITABLE FOR use on all smooth absorbent aniline leather furniture, garments, shoes & bags

A penetrating fluid that gently penetrates aniline leather surfaces, slowly dissolving and dispersing watermarks or similar liquid stains without rubbing. Rubbing aniline leather when it is moist can damage its surface. Neutralises sweat or organic smells and increases the leather’s resistance to hardening and cracking.

Contains no aggressive solvents or emulsifiers and does not damage porous leather surfaces.

Aniline leather is highly absorbent and without added protection, it can stain easily. Stains caused by water spillage and light coffee stains can be removed using this product. Heavier stains that cannot be removed will have to be re-dyed/colour-restored using Geist. Easy Colour Restorer (one-step colouring pigment) is available in 20 standard colours or custom colours if needed. We recommend trying this before attempting a re-colour on aniline leather.

Instructions for use

Vacuum up surface dust. Apply the product onto a soft cloth and massage into the stain and around the stained area working from seam to seam if possible. Ensure the surface is completely wet. Use your fingers to press the fluid firmly into the surface, reapply and stretch/massage the leather until it darkens as the fluid slowly penetrates, ideally all the way from seam to seam. Then cover the darkened surface completely with a plastic film or sheet and leave it to slowly swell and dry for at least 8 hrs, overnight or longer. Lift the plastic film when the leather is almost dry to the touch. If any stain marks remain, repeat the process. 
After the stains have disappeared, gently massage and treat the surface with Geist. Aniline Cream, which will renew the silky gloss and soft touch of quality aniline leather. For higher gloss apply at least two treatments of Geist. Aniline Cream and polish with a soft cloth.

Not suitable for suede or nubuck leather. Test on a hidden area first. After cleaning some anilines will lose some of their gloss as surface waxes can be removed by the cleaning process.


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