$33.00 USD

Ink and Dye remover for Leather, PVC and PU

A powerful, dye and pen-mark lifter that does not damage leather, PU and PVC surfaces.

Based on plant and algae derived ingredients, without solvents that offer strong but easy and risk-free cleaning. The remover lifts ink and dye from flexible surfaces without causing surface coatings to swell or change their gloss or matt level. Instead of rubbing hard, the remover is applied and left to work on the dye or ink. 


Remove stains without delay. Do not clean or wet the surface before applying Geist. Ink & Dye Remover. Apply the remover directly onto the pen marks or spread with a cloth then leave it to lift the colour for at least 30 minutes, longer for older stains. Some heavy or older staining may need an overnight treatment. Many dyes visibly swim to the surface of the remover liquid, others may need some rubbing with a cotton bud to lift them from the grain. The cotton bud will absorb the dye as it loosens it. Wipe off the Remover with a dry, absorbent cloth and repeat the treatment if needed.

When the pen mark or dye is no longer visible, clean the surface with GEIST. Rapid Leather & Vinyl Cleaner or a moist cloth and leave to dry.

Finally, protect the surface with GEIST. Dye & Friction Blocker to prevent future discolourations and friction damage. 


  • Do not use on suede, nubuck, microfibre or absorbent surfaces such as anilinę leather. 
  • Always test on an unseen area before use.
  • The effectiveness of the remover depends on the time it can work on the pen mark or dye stains. Longer is better. 



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